Pack Like a Pro

Pack Like a Pro



There's no question that hiring a professional packing/moving service can save a significant amount of time and effort. But packing up your belongings on your own can be a real money-saver. Read our packing and moving tips to help you pack like a pro.

Box Basics

Your belongings are more likely to arrive safely when wrapped well and placed in appropriately sized and shaped boxes. Whenever possible, pack items like small appliances, stereo equipment and electronics in the original packaging.

Wrap It Up

Before packing your boxes, you'll need to wrap most items to protect them from scratching and breaking. There are a variety of materials available, but most professionals use bundles of clean, unprinted newsprint.

Start by placing a small stack of paper on a table or countertop. Glasses and jars can be rolled in two or three sheets of paper. Fold the paper from the corner, rolling and tucking the sides as you go. Where the corners come together, secure with tape. And when in doubt, use more paper.

Before packing each box, pad the bottom with a few inches of packing peanuts, wadded-up newspaper or old pillows and blankets. Pack heavier items first and lighter, more fragile items on top.

As each layer is completed, firmly fill empty spaces with wadded-up newspaper. Then add newspaper or cardboard as a level base for the next layer. Be sure no sharp points, edges or rims are left uncovered.

Don't overload boxes; limit carton weight to about 50 pounds. Strive for a firm pack that will prevent items from shifting. Tape boxes securely and label.

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